A few years ago, I hosted a podcast and had the opportunity to interview the sales executives who had turned companies such as Snowflake, Facebook, Salesforce, and Microsoft into household names.  

To my surprise, these leaders always landed on the same recipe for success: Visibility leads to accountability, and that leads to growth. 

They may have dressed up their sales philosophy differently but always included those three concepts. That insight transformed the way I thought about building high-performing organizations.

I decided to join BoostUp because I haven’t seen another company better aligned with the mantra of visibility, accountability, and growth.  BoostUp fills a critical gap because old tech can’t deliver on the needs of the modern sales org.

  • Data blindness destroys visibility: As a backcountry skier, I’ve learned that when you enter a bowl on a sunny day, you’re often blinded by intense reflected light. Similarly, today’s sales teams are blinded by an excess of data. The systems we run our companies on are very efficient at capturing data. But unsifted information quickly becomes a hindrance rather than an enabler.
  • You can’t inspect what you can’t see: The first step in holding teams accountable is measuring performance. But if companies can’t sort out the data problem, no one is keeping score. Conversations between reps and their managers devolve into “what happened last week” instead of “what will you make happen next?” and results take a hit. When visibility and accountability are low, leaders don’t get a clear picture of performance until the eleventh hour. At that point, not much can be done to change outcomes.  

BoostUp addresses these challenges.  It’s a native AI platform built for sales transformation.

  • Visibility, not vomit: excuse the crass description, but every sales leader understands the power of a sharp, focused view of what’s going on vs. an endless stream of unfiltered data. BoostUp’s AI does the hard work of aggregating sales information from calendars, email, CRM, and other productivity tools.  But unlike other applications that stop there, BoostUp also pulls in data from non-CRM systems like ZenDesk, Gainsight, and Pendo. Then our AI transforms those details into critical insights like which deals will close and where the team will land for the quarter.  
  • Ironclad accountability: Boostup combines revenue insights with workflows that engage the right people at the right times. Coaching sessions end with documented alignment around action. Forecasts get submitted on time and participants are held to specific standards of accuracy.  
  • Immediate time to value: Old tech requires a heavy lift to deploy. Systems need to be modified and reconfigured, connectors need to be customized, and on and on.  BoostUp, on the other hand, is up and running in days. I love to see customers’ reactions when they show up to the first BoostUp demo and realize we’ve already pulled their data into our system (after getting the nod from their security team, of course).   

I’m confident that AI will have a bigger impact on the sales industry than the internet, cloud, and mobile computing combined. BoostUp is cutting the trail and opening new doors for the sales organizations we serve. 

I’m looking forward to seeing how the future unfolds.