BoostUp continually looks to give our customers more and more out-of-the-box control. We pride ourselves on enabling our users to update, configure, and customize their forecasting process within BoostUp, including creating custom reports on any field/metric.

Our platform is recognized as the most customizable revenue operations, intelligence, and forecasting solution by our customers and users. We allow our customers to:

  • Customize their roll-ups page (add any formula columns)
  • Customize their forecasting cadence (monthly/weekly)
  • Customize their override process (manager override, SC override)
  • Forecast on any custom object

Adaptability and customization of the platform to our needs - that’s BoostUp. BoostUp displays the data in a very meaningful way for our sales team. It creates clarity and alignment across all segments, from forecasting to the progression of a sales cycle. BOOSTUP IS POWERFUL.

Robert Sliker, Director of Business Management | Windstream

We don’t believe in being rigid or requiring professional services to customize our solution to our customer’s unique needs.

We’ve taken that one step further today with the release of two new features:

On-Demand CRM Sync

Managers and reps can now sync their opportunities in BoostUp “on-demand” and instantly. In addition, if an opportunity becomes updated outside of the ‘incremental (near-real-time) sync’ with Salesforce, with the click of a button, you can instantly sync all updates directly and instantly from Salesforce.


Data will never be out of sync and will always be completely up-to-date. This will lead to more accurate opportunity data that will ensure that reports are never misaligned.

Auto-User Creation within Salesforce

This new feature will allow BoostUp Administrators and Operations to manage all users within their Salesforce instance. This alleviates the ‘back and forth' that occurs between BoostUp and Salesforce and provides a more seamless experience for managing all users and roles from within one platform.

Again, why rely on the vendor to create and manage the user accounts and role definitions? Our customers need to be able to quickly and easily make these changes. Putting our customers and users in control saves them time, and who doesn’t want more of that.

The initial feedback we received from our customers on these new features has been rewarding enough. Our goal is to ensure we continue to provide value to our current and new customers alike.

Leading in Innovation and Customization

We are not the old rigid platforms of the past; we’ve built our platform to be flexible, allowing our customer success team and our customers to make significant changes as they need it, empowering them to be successful. Why create a platform that is hard to manage, hard to update, and conforms our users into certain parameters and confines?

We believe in creating a platform where our customers and users can make the necessary adjustments on their own and in real-time.  If they need help, we are available and ready to walk them through it, but we don’t and won’t deploy a professional services model. 


Those models are good for the vendor, as they get an additional revenue stream but severely limit the platform’s usability - not to mention it is costly and could take weeks or months to accommodate. In this fast-paced, digital world, no one has that kind of time to waste.

To learn more and see BoostUp in action, you can visit us at and schedule time to speak with us.

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