I am happy to share that BoostUp.ai, the fastest-growing Revenue Operations & Intelligence Platform, has raised $28.5M in series B capital, bringing our total capital raised to over $40M. Welcome to our new investor NGP Capital and special thanks to Canaan, Emergent and BGV for supporting BoostUp in every single round. You guys are great!

So how did we do this?

Our Customers

We couldn't have done this without the 50 of you. As the youngest company in a mission-critical revenue forecasting category with much older incumbents, your trust in us is what inspires us to solve your problems and build solutions you can depend on. High urgency feedback loops and your intimate collaboration in this co-innovation have resulted in this mission-critical platform that has become the revenue source of truth many of your peers rely on. Your feedback and imprints are all over BoostUp. Thank you!!

Our Boosters

How does an underdog beat the so-called market leaders? Boosters, our BoostUp employees, are a special tribe of high-energy, fast-moving, intelligent hustlers who think like mavericks, have something to prove, and the ability to execute with humility. Boosters have created a culture of extreme customer centricity, mistake tolerance, a penchant for winning from behind and not taking no for an answer. Thank you, Boosters! Let's continue to prove the world wrong.

Our Product

Quite simply, front-line managers and reps (end users) LOVE BoostUp. Building vanity software for leadership is not enough. Deals aren't closed by CROs - they are closed by font line sellers and managers. While we care a lot about revenue leadership and BI dashboards to drive accountability and visibility across the business, we also care a lot about the front-line user experience and adoption, even though the front line doesn't have the power to influence sales decisions.

The  Market

We live in this age of great sales technology inversion. From a tool-poor world where back-office CRMs required seller-humans to input data sparsely – to a tool-rich world where data collection is happening passively and pervasively across every digital touchpoint. And smart software is constantly crunching data to extract signals from noise to operationalize those signals in intuitive no-code workflows for end-user consumption. This is a $40B market - with the promise land of driving attributable topline productivity gains from revenue workforce.

Strong Momentum

BoostUp now has 50+ customers, including public & high-growth companies such as Cloudflare, Udemy, Teradata, Workato, Degreed, and Iterable. We were named a Strong Performer in the inaugural Forrester WaveTM: Revenue Operations and Intelligence, Q1 2022 (RO&I), and one of the top 3 vendors in "current offering". Our ARR grew by 3x in FY '21. We recently crossed 100+ employees worldwide and were named a Momentum Leader in the RO&I category by G2 in consecutive reports.

Where do we go from here?

Revenue Operations is a fast consolidating market - where once distant categories of - sales enablement, sales engagement, BI, revenue operations and revenue intelligence are coming closer together. Buyers understandably want to shrink their sales stack with fewer front office interfaces to accelerate end-user adoption, extract more intelligence from connected data sets and pay less for more functionality.

2022 Roadmap

This year BoostUp will specifically focus on:

  1. Expanding our RevBI dashboards capabilities & data integrations to include 20+ more tools (Slack, Microsoft Teams, enablement, marketing, analytics and other BI data warehouses)
  2. Furthering innovation in more advanced forecasting capabilities, mobile collaboration and AI best next steps.
  3. Building GTM & OEM partnerships with other sales, GTM and marketing technology companies

What is our long-term vision?

As the revenue world has transitioned to fully digital buying and selling motions, physically separated managers and reps and vast amounts of digital data, CRMs are no longer enough. Our long-term vision is to build the FRONT OFFICE for Revenue Teams. Just as Salesforce became the primary back office in the 2010s, BoostUp aims to build the primary front office in the 2020s.

BoostUp's Front Office is being built on the principle of E-Pluribus Unum. Out of Many, One. 

From many data sources to a single connected self-service Rev BI platform. From many panes of glass to a single place for all revenue processes. From many places to live to one workflow of actions. From desktop-first leadership software to mobile-first end-user-first software. From prolonged pro-serve implementations to short self-serve administration.

Come join us on this journey. We are committed to creating an iconic company, one we can look back upon and feel the pride of having built something meaningful.

Let's leave our mark on the world. We thank you all. Be well.