Salesforce Einstein sales analytics and sales AI have a lot of promise for predictive forecasting. While Salesforce Einstein comes bundled with Salesforce licensing, often as an add-on cost of $50/user, buyers must consider the following. From a sales AI and sales analytics perspective, Salesforce Einstein competes with numerous other sales AI vendors. This means you may be doing yourself a disservice by choosing Einstein over the other dedicated sales AI platforms on the market. Before you choose Einstein, make sure you evaluate other platforms first.

When considering Salesforce Einstein Analytics, you must ask your sales rep these 7 questions:

  1. Does Salesforce Einstein find & connect new contacts buried inside of sales rep and CSM inboxes?
  2. Does Salesforce Einstein automatically associate contacts with the right opportunities?
  3. Does Salesforce Einstein depend on sales reps adding and associating new contacts to opportunities?
  4. What percentage of contacts and activities does Salesforce Einstein not collect or miss?
  5. Does Salesforce Einstein offer out-of-the-box reports that measure and track opportunity risk and activity intelligence?
  6. How configurable is Salesforce Einstein? Can you add your own business rules that influence the predictions?
  7. How adaptable is Salesforce Einstein to your forecasting process and cadence?

How does BoostUp compare to Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

Now enter, BoostUp is the only all-in-one RevOps and Revenue Intelligence platform that finds new contacts and connects 100% of all activities to the right opportunity without requiring any manual input from the rep.

BoostUp is extremely easy to set up. It runs in the background to quickly find and then associate, match and sync all new contacts and activities to the proper opportunities. BoostUp is highly customizable to meet your needs but comes standard with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards that spot opportunity risk and engagement risk resulting from sales activity or lack of activity and engagement. The lack of engagement pinpoints specific actions that must be taken to progress a deal forward.

Revenue and sales operations, front-line managers and reps, and customer success teams love BoostUp. It helps them manage accounts and opportunities and gives insights into pipeline health and forecast risk. Sales managers love that 100% of all contacts, activities, and engagements are accurately linked to opportunities. They love the “risk and engagement reports” that help them stay on top of at-risk opportunities. They love the activity heat maps to discover which reps need coaching on which topic.

BoostUp takes the productivity of front-line managers to a whole new level.

In the next blog, we’ll check out the two approaches to forecast reliability and accurately using time-series AI and contextual AI.

To learn more about BoostUp’s all-in-one revenue operations and revenue intelligence platform, contact us to set up a time to discuss further.

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