Just a few short months after being listed on G2 Crowd, the results are in.

BoostUp users rank BoostUp a “High Performer” in the Sales Intelligence Winter 2021 report with an overall rating of 4.7 and a customer satisfaction rating of 96%! Our customer’s experiences are the most important thing, so being rated so highly means the world to us.


So what does it mean to be a "High Performer?"

G2 Crowd, Inc. releases a ranking of software solutions based on many factors critical to customer satisfaction and customer value. The reports are based on feedback, or customer reviews, of your software. Being listed as a “High Performer” in a few shorts months is a testament to our customers, their feedback, and the value our software provides them.

Compared to similar technologies, BoostUp has the highest aver rating. The next highest has an overall rating of 4.6 (BoostUp overall rating, 4.7).

BoostUp earned a score of over 90% in a number of customer satisfaction categories as provided by our customers.

  • Meets Requirements
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality of Support
  • Product Direction

Additionally, we received over a 90% satisfaction score across a number of key features included in the Sales Intelligence and Sales Analytics categories:


Read what BoostUp users are saying about us.

Ease of Use

  • “Simple, easy to use interface that gives me visibility into my opportunities and team’s activities.” – User in Information Technology and Services.
  • “Easy to use and so helpful. BoostUp makes it easy to forecast and understand where our team will land for the quarter.” – User in Information Technology.
  • “Easiest sales tools I have ever taken to!” – Mid-Market Sales Leader.

Quality of Support

  • “Incredibly responsive Slack/support times (including real resolutions). Very responsive support and customer success team.” – Andrew D., Sales Operations.
  • “The team has been great to work with and has made a lot of custom configurations for us.” – Navid Z., VP Sales, Americas.

Product Direction

  • “Constant stream of new, relevant, impactful features that help my front-line reps, managers, and execs.” – Andrew D., Sales Operations.

Security Review Process

  • “Well thought out Security Program. It is clear BoostUp takes security seriously and wants to ensure their B2B clients are not only safe but delighted. I had the opportunity to review BoostUp from a third-party Risk Management perspective. After reviewing vendors daily, it was refreshing that BoostUp went above what is required to ensure from a Security perspective thing were transparent, well documented, and timely.” – Lee R., Security Program Manager.

Analytics and Insights

  • “Super intuitive. Puts the data you need at your fingertips.” – Andy W., Head of Sales.
  • "BoostUp is a GAMECHANGER!” – User in Marketing and Advertising.
  • “BoostUp gives you the insight you need to optimize your sales funnel.” – Ian M., Sr. Enterprise Account Executive.

Opportunity Management

  • “Prior to BoostUp, understanding where each deal was really more of an art. With BoostUp, it’s now a science. I can easily look at any account or opportunity and get a “health check” – so cool and saves an insane amount of time.” – Adam J., Partner Growth.
  • “BoostUp makes opportunity management and forecasting very simple. The interface gives me a clear picture of where deals are within the quarter, combining all the data from Salesforce, and what are risks that need to be managed.” – Ankit S., Sales Operations.

Forecasting and Pipeline Management

  • “A streamlined way to see your forecast. I like being able to see all my quarterly opportunities and forecasting opportunities and get a quick glimpse of where all my deals stand with potential pitfalls.” – Mid-Market, Network Security
  • “The best forecast management tool I’ve ever had.” – User in Computer Software.
  • “Sales forecasting and account deep-dives surprising simple.” – Ankit S.
  • “Incredible deal insights removes the blindspots and enabled us to up our Forecasting game.” – Andrew D., Sales Operations.

Time Savings

  • “Made life as a new sales reps SOOO much easier. Love how easy it is to submit my weekly forecast; usually takes 30 seconds or less.” – Enrich G., Account Executive.
  • “BoostUp is a game-changer – condenses hours of busywork into a simple, actionable experience.” – Adam J. Partner Growth.

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