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Revenue Operations in 2021

2021: The Decade of Revenue Operations

The Next Steps for Revenue Operations How will revenue operations impact organizations in 2021 and going forward? What can leaders do to future-proof their strategies?

Salesforce Einstein Analytics: Manual or Automated?

Like most analytics platforms, Salesforce Einstein sales AI largely depends on the quality of data inputted by the reps in the CRM – it shouldn’t be that way. Enter BoostUp. Complete, automated activity. Don’t rely on your rep to enter an activity into Salesforce.

BoostUp vs. Salesforce Einstein: Not all Sales AI is Equal.

BoostUp vs. Salesforce Einstein: Not all Sales AI is Equal.

Not all sales AI is equal. Salesforce Einstein for sales analytics and sales AI is largely a time-series analysis based on AI predictions. At BoostUp, we deploy a hybrid model, using time-series analysis and real-time contextual AI.

7 things to consider when buying Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

When considering Salesforce Einstein Analytics, please ask your Salesforce sales rep these core seven questions to better understand its gaps. Learn why BoostUp’s revenue operations and revenue intelligence platform is a stronger alternative.

What is MEDDICC Sales Process

What is the MEDDICC Framework? Everything You Need to Know.

We recently welcomed Caroline Franczia and Andy Whyte to discuss their favorite sales methodology, MEDDICC. Learn what exactly MEDDICC is, how to use it with your sales team, and the exciting benefits of this proven qualification framework.

MEDDIC for Enterprise Sales = Increased Revenue.

Implementing a sales qualification methodology, like MEDDIC, into your sales process leads to many benefits, so why doesn’t every organization have one implemented? It can be difficult to implement and reinforce, among other reasons. BoostUp simplifies the process, increases sales compliance, and encourages rapid adoption.

Defining Success with Revenue Operations. BoostUp blog.

Defining Success with Revenue Operations.

Revenue Operations is tasked with driving Revenue Excellence. So what’s Revenue Excellence? What is RevOps role in the process and what’s makes up Revenue Excellence. Read our perspective as a revenue intelligence software provider.

Will RevOps = Revenue in 2021?

We all know by now that there is a rise in RevOps – a centralized function that traditionally was siloed across Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, and Customer Success Ops. So what does this mean for you? What steps do you need to take now, and what tools are available to assist you in this transformation.

Revenue Operations Professional Tips

Improve your Sales Forecasting Accuracy with these Expert Tips.

Increase your RevOps success with actionable revenue operations tips from the leading practicing professionals. Today, learn the three ways Jordan Henderson, Director of Revenue Operations, increases forecast accuracy through technological changes and work culture shifts.

Revenue Excellence in 2021: 4 Stages of Excellence Defined.

Looking to achieve revenue excellence in 2021. Learn more about the transformational impact 2020 has had on sales and revenue teams and why you should look towards achieving revenue excellence in 2021. In this blog, we defined the four stages of excellence.

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