Big news is happening in the market, and it is something we are incredibly excited about. This emergence has been happening for over a year, and it is changing the world of revenue forever.

Today, Forrester, an independent research firm, released The Forrester WaveTM: Revenue Operations and Intelligence, Q1 2022 report.  This is the first industry analyst to cover this technology and the intersection between traditional Revenue Operations, focused on Forecasting and Pipeline Management, and Revenue Intelligence. 

The change in market dynamics – a nearly complete shift to digital selling – has made it imperative that companies understand and gain insight into all digital engagement between the buying and selling teams. And to be able to use that information and insight to improve the buying experience and optimize for predictable revenue growth.

A few areas that we see as essential elements of a comprehensive Revenue Operations and Intelligence platform are:

  • Buyer Engagement Insights and Range of Interactions Captured: The ability to capture all digital interactions from email, calendar and call data and associated applications and derive engagement and risk insights based on the sentiment and context of those buyer/seller interactions to inform proper decision-making.
  • Deal and Account Insights: This is where you empower managers and frontline sellers with a complete picture of what’s happening in their deals. Gain visibility into all activity on every deal – overlayed with intelligent deal risk factors and next best steps. Then use “deal forensics” to deliver deal-winning insights so you can shortlist which deals need attention, prioritize accounts, and know what to do next - and win more.
  • Pipeline Activity and Insights: This can be explained by understanding the overall pipeline performance and pipeline health from all engagement activities. This would include macro trends of overall pipeline performance (sales cycle, average deal size, efficiency, deal progression, win rates, etc.)
  • Forecast Capability and Insights: This includes a great understanding of the deals that “at-risk”, AI projections, and the ability to customize your forecast workflow, cadences (weekly, monthly, etc) roll-ups (by region, product, etc.), and custom hierarchies and configurations (custom fields and objects) for different revenue models. 

BoostUp Recognized as a Strong Performer in The Forrester WaveTM: Revenue Operations and Intelligence, Q1 2022.

We are proud to be recognized as a Strong Performer (download report) and the 3rd strongest RO&I vendor in the strength of current offering. BoostUp, the youngest company evaluated and Forrester states:

“In a short period of time, BoostUp has demonstrated an ability to compete, and often win, in a highly competitive space. It has built a comprehensive platform focused primarily on forecasting and pipeline management that stacks up well against larger competitors.”

In this report, BoostUp received the highest scores possible in seven criteria, including:

  • Interactions and transactions captured
  • Buyer engagement insights
  • Pipeline insights
  • Pipeline management
  • Forecasting insights
  • Forecasting configuration
  • Forecasting process

"BoostUp is a good fit for organizations looking for strong core RO&I features from a collaborative and nimble vendor."

Forrester, goes on to share, “BoostUp has defined a broad and bold long-term product roadmap that encompasses the systemic requirements of revenue engine management.” 

Having a bold and strong vision is something that our customers rave about - that and our speed of innovation.  We have continued to push out quality features releases that the most established vendors are trying to keep pace with. They are looking to do so through acquisitions, where we always believed in building a data architecture platform that could meet the needs of digital revenue teams - now and in the future.

“Customers validated a highly productive development team and a collaborative approach to enhancements focused on needs rather than wants. BoostUp delivers an elegant, consistent user experience enabling customers to self-configure elements of the platform (e.g., metrics, hierarchies, views).  A broad range of buyer and seller interactions are supported, and the infusion of buyer email and call sentiment into deal and engagement scores is a strong differentiator.”

BoostUp was the only company listed in the RO&I report that scored a 5 (the highest possible score) in interactions and transactions captured. We believe that if you are only capturing a percentage of the digital signals and interactions from email, calendar, call, and other point solutions, then you really can’t trust your forecasting and pipeline management data models. 

With only partial information, you don't have the deal story needed to make the right decisions, and you won’t be able to rely on your pipeline or forecast accuracy.

We believe that is what makes us unique. And we are just getting started …

Join our upcoming Revenue Masterclass where we will speak with Anthony McPartlin,  Forrester analyst and lead author of the Revenue Operations & Intelligence Forrester Wave. We will discuss what has led to the emergence of RO&I, what trends they are seeing in the marketplace, and questions to ask when looking for solution providers.

  • Topic: Digital Shift Leads to Emergence of Revenue Operations and Intelligence and the World of Revenue 2.0
  • Date: April 28th at 11 am PT
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BoostUp’s forecasting platform continues to disrupt the RO&I space with 3X Revenue Growth in 2021, 100+ employees, and expansion into larger enterprise customers 

“Digitization of Sales, the RevOps movement, and remote work has triggered a seismic shift in the market. BoostUp is on a mission to empower revenue teams with data in an intuitive “Front-Office” experience (platform) that delivers an immediate return on investment. We are grateful for the success we’ve seen over the first four years in the market, and humbled by the validation/confidence from our customers, and investors.” 

-Sharad Verma, CEO and Co-Founder of is the fastest-growing Revenue Operations & Intelligence Platform, helping revenue teams like Teradata, Udemy and Cloudflare automate forecasting roll-ups, achieve 95% or greater forecast accuracy, increase rep capacity, and drive a predictable revenue machine. We bring together all digital revenue data and predictive intelligence into a single, highly usable platform where reps spend 25 mins per day.

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  • Deal & Account Execution Workflows
  • Activity & Frontline Performance Workflows

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